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Zancan Press, Inc. is a full service printing, mailing, and marketing solutions provider, serving customers locally, nationally, and internationally. Since Ray Zancan first established Zancan Press, Inc. in July of 2000, our goal has been to create a partnership with our customers to provide them with our best service and product. Zancan Press, Inc.’s commitment to that partnership means that we will not just provide a service, but that we will work alongside you every step of the way, keeping you a part of the process, ensuring we will provide exceptional service and that you will be thrilled with our product. Our state-of-the-art technology allows Zancan Press, Inc. to meet the specific needs of each and every individual customer we serve and creates a friendly, easy atmosphere for you to work with us on anything. Zancan Press, Inc. offers  Added Value Service. Added Value Service is Zancan Press, Inc.’s plan to go above and beyond for our customers. This includes free delivery and pickup, one-on-one personal attention from our staff, and a completely honest business approach. There will never be any hidden fees. At Zancan Press, Inc. we look out for our customers because they are the reason that we exist.

Our Services

We provide a very personalized services that will help you and your organization achieve your goals


Zancan Press’ offset and digital printing approach to business are designed with our customers in mind.  Whether you need flyers turned around quickly for a school function, training materials for your next big seminar, or are engaging in a company-wide rebranding, we can produce both low and high volumes for whatever you need.   

Our printing services aren’t limited to just conventional ink-on-paper items like business cards or letterhead.  We also produce banners, signs, cutouts, pop-up displays, and much more


Our technological age might be taking many things online, but research shows mail marketing and communication is still a highly effective way to reach your current and future clients.  As a full-service mail house, not only can Zancan Press print your postcards, letters, and brochures, we can mail them for you, too!  Ask us today about our full list of mail services—including data scrubbing—and how to lower your postage rate.


Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is an answer for those who dread the high minimum-quantity requirement associated with silk screening.  Because DTG machines print directly to a shirt—the same way an ordinary desktop printer works with paper—gone are the days of ordering 50 more shirts than you actually need, just to meet a minimum quantity requirement or keep per-item cost down.  No matter what quantity you order, with DTG printing, your per-shirt cost will be the same.*  Order branded apparel for your small business, jerseys for players on your rec-league sports team, or have just one shirt made for your friend’s birthday without having to worry about overspending on low-quantity orders.
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Branded Storefronts

Branded Storefronts are Zancan Press’ way to help you streamline your business.  With these company-branded ordering portals, customers—specifically those who work in their company’s marketing and communications departments—enjoy the ease of being able to manage company-wide ordering and logistics from their computer screen, where they can review, approve, and track orders with the click of a button.  Whether you have several locations or just one, take advantage of being able to proof your orders as soon as you place them, and receive expedited service to shorten production time.   While most customers use Branded Storefronts for internal use, share it with your clients as well to sell company products or your own branded merchandise.  The best part is, all you have to do is tell us what items you want and how much you want to sell them for, and we take care of the rest.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

It’s no secret that when ordering printing, buying in bulk yields better value.  But what if don’t have any place to put your excess materials until you need them?  No worries.  Place a bulk order with Zancan Press and we will store your excess materials for free.  When you run out, just give a call and we’ll send you a fresh supply.

As your business grows, office space can be hard to come by.  So save space by storing your file archive in the Zancan Press Storage Facility.  When you pay by the square-foot, you can clear out a room or de-clutter your office for less money than if you rented a storage unit.  Zancan Press tracks, picks up, delivers, and keeps safe your important documents.  We also have paper-shredding services for the remove of sensitive documents for when necessary.   You aren’t limited to document storage, of course.  Zancan Press’ clients have used our warehouse to store patio furniture, holiday decorations, convention materials, and IT supplies, just to name a few.

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Recommended file settings

You are best off saving vector artwork (the sort of stuff from Illustrator) as an EPS, PDF or AI file. Even at 300dpi the TIFF and JPG don't handle this vector graphic nearly so well. 


TIFFs and PSDs are lossless. You don't lose any quality by saving a file as a TIFF or PSD. JPEGs normally lose quality when you save them but take up a lot less space. A TIFF or PSD is normally a better option than a JPEG. JPEGs can't handle spot colours. So when this JPEG was saved it converted the Pantone colour into a CMYK value. Also, the white space in between the red lines on the JPEG is filled with a very subtle yellow/grey tint. This is due to the compression.

These are basic file setting recommendation, but don't worry we can always help you and we always ensure your art work gets printed to the best quality.

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